Monthly Archives: December 2014

Temple Past & Future

The Ashram is now preparing for the redesign and rebuild of the Temple of Light. The planning phases for the Temple rebuild will span 2015, with hopes to have the Temple under construction and completed in 2016. In the meantime, we have the beautiful transitional temple to inspire us! In this video Swami Radhananda visits the transitional temple and talks about the Temple past and future.

Temple Design Update: The First Meeting

We recently welcomed Patricia and John Patkau of Patkau Architects at the Ashram for three days, to begin the conceptual design process for the next Temple of Light. They toured the Ashram and gathered as much information as they could ­– everything from our hopes and dreams of a sacred space to practical needs (a cleaning closet!) to topographical maps. The Patkaus’ non-linear approach and willingness to work with our unique community created a harmonious meeting of minds and hearts. […]