Environmental Commitment

For over two decades, the Ashram has been committed to reducing our environmental footprint and investing in long-term sustainable and resilient systems. We were certified as a Carbon Neutral community in 2012, and have garnered many awards for our environmental efforts.

Our approach to the Temple building project keeps this commitment at the forefront. Our many creative contributing partners in this endeavor have been chosen for their expertise in resilient design.

Together, we are developing solutions towards a highly efficient, environmentally sensitive building:

  • Maximizing local procurement of resources: materials, people and products
  • Energy efficient windows: thick triple glaze quality glass
  • Renewable energy system: geothermal system or air source heat pump and installation of photovolatic array
  • Increased envelope efficiency: better insulation that prevents thermal bridging
  • Use of smart-systems and green fixtures: Auto-monitoring and managing lighting and heating with motion systems as well as using LED fixtures
  • Reuse of the existing foundation: a design that requires no additional concrete under the Temple structure

Incorporating green technologies into the new Temple has the direct impact of reducing the building’s energy consumption by at least 60%.

We hope the Temple’s practical message of resilient design will inspire others towards renewable energy, reducing consumption, using what they already have and taking a step toward resilient living now and for the future.


Thank you to our partners