Fabrication & Construction

The Temple of Light’s beautiful and complex form requires specialized construction techniques.

We are pleased to be working with Spearhead Inc., a world-class, multi-faceted manufacturing company located on the west arm of Kootenay Lake, just 25 km from Yasodhara Ashram.

Spearhead’s focus is on heavy timber, steel and architectural woodwork. Spearhead works with top tier architectural firms on projects all over the world, from Alaska to Dubai. Their sophisticated technology allows them to push the boundaries of basic materials and bring a high-level efficiency to complex projects.

They use leading edge technologies (BIM software) which allows them to collaborate with the architects and construction team to produce precise digital models that interface with fabrication (CNC) machines.

The majority of the planning and fabrication will happen at the Spearhead facility. The pre-fabricated components of the Temple will be then installed onsite. Keeping the production process in Spearhead’s controlled environment greatly enhances quality, enables cost control and promotes manufacturing efficiency.

Spearhead has been involved with numerous award-winning & high-performance projects, including LEED Platinum projects in North America. Spearhead is FSC Chain of Custody Certified.

Slideshow: Spreahead Fabrication Overview

Photos: Initial meeting with Spearhead


Construction Management

The Temple of Light construction is being managed by the AHC Group, a boutique construction company that specializes in unique and challenging projects. Based in Burnaby, BC, AHC is a family owned business with expertise in prefabrication, sustainable building and energy efficient solutions.

“The vision of the Temple is exceptional and we are very committed along with the Patkaus to realize that vision.” – Jason Kelder, construction manager.