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Temple of Light featured in Architectural Record

The Temple of Light was recently featured in Architectural Record in an article about acoustics: If acoustic tranquility is welcome even in the new, more dynamic breed of library, it is a necessity in the Temple of Light, a sanctuary and meeting place for the Yasodhara Ashram, a yoga retreat and study center in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia. The new temple, designed by Vancouver-based Patkau Architects and completed this summer, replaces an earlier one destroyed by fire. The […]

The Temple at Sundown

Beauty invokes magic and the mind becomes spellbound for a brief moment all clatter stops, to be receptive. Wafts of the indescribable fragrance of Divine wisdom fills all spaces. If only the mind could retain that stillness so the light of the sun can reflect to the moon. The sphere of light is growing larger and larger and brighter and brighter like a thousand suns. The light streaming forth leaks through the clouds of the mind creating a beautiful disk, […]

The Interplay of Light

A winter sunset this week portrays the Temple’s interplay with Light. Construction on the Temple of Light reached a major milestone on February 15, with the completed assembly of the 56 pre-fabricated panels, which create the “petals” or wings of the new design. Construction crews were on-hand to celebrate the milestone of the completed petals.    

The Light That Shines

Gem Salsberg, a long-time Yasodhara Yoga student, is helping the Ashram create videos and photography of the Temple project. Here she exhibits her photographs of a mystical Temple moment and tells her story. After days of torrential rain, heavy clouds and a sobering American election, it seemed improbable that we would see the supermoon rising here on November 14th. The moon would be closer to the Earth than it has been since 1948. This timing synchronistically coincided with the raising of […]

  • Photo of the Temple last night.
  • Photo of the Temple this morning

Temple Fire

We want to inform our community that last night, Thursday, June 5, a fire started in the Temple, probably from a spark getting in the insulation between the impermeable outer roof and stucco ceiling. This morning the walls of the Temple are still standing and a shell of most of the roof remains. The fire was contained to the Temple and no one was hurt or injured. The fire fighting extended 12 hours and a small fire team is still […]