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Temple featured on Kootenay Business TV

Kootenay Business TV created a four-minute video about the completion of the Temple of Light in their series of news “celebrating innovation and excellence in the greater Kootenay region.”

Help Finish the Temple

We are very close to opening the Temple doors once again to welcome all who are seeking renewal and inspiration. But we need your support during this final phase of construction. Help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 by June 30th. Donate today (US donors can donate here).

In the Forest: Temple of Light Update

Swami Lalitanda describes the advancing work on the Temple of Light, set to complete in the summer of 2017.

Temple of Light Update: The Petals are Complete

The completion of the petals mark a major milestone in the construction of the Temple of Light. Each of the eight petals consisted of seven separate sections, pre-fabricated at Spearhead Inc. All 54 pieces have now been assembled, providing the form of the Temple of Light. Thanks to the team at Spearhead and AHC. Many thanks for your continued support as the Temple rises. Click here to donate.

A Feeling of Wholeness: Temple of Light Update

The external layers of the Temple of Divine Light near completion as the pre-fabricated pieces are put into place. Watch Swami Lalitananda’s update from inside.

Temple Update: The Circle is Complete

On January 20, 2017 the final base petals of the Temple’s exterior were put into place. This full circumference will serve as the foundation for the remaining sections of the Temple’s outer shell.

A Vision Evolves: Insights with John Patkau

John Patkau, principal of Patkau Architects, shares his perspective on designing the Temple of Light, which he says will be “the most remarkable thing that we have ever constructed.” He reveals what inspired him and reflects on the unique opportunity as an architect to create “a space of the spirit.”

The Approach

Photographer Nick Diamond from Spearhead captured the majestic approach to the Ashram and the new Temple of Light overlooking Kootenay Lake.

The Shape of Things to Come

Construction continues on the Temple of Light as shear walls were attached to the arches. These braced panels form part of the support structure and help define the curved shape of the new design.

Flight of the Light: a temple journey begins

The first pieces of the Temple have arrived at the Ashram! The glulam structural beams and shear wall panels were loaded onto a truck and shipped across Kootenay Lake on the ferry. The parts were carefully unloaded to a temporary staging area where they will remain until the structure is ready be assembled in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the panels which form the petals continue to be fabricated at Spearhead and will be shipped over as they are ready.