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Temple Construction Timelapse

View this 2-minute timelapse for an amazing review of the construction of the new Temple of Light, now complete. Next step is landscaping!  

Temple of Light featured in Architectural Record

The Temple of Light was recently featured in Architectural Record in an article about acoustics: If acoustic tranquility is welcome even in the new, more dynamic breed of library, it is a necessity in the Temple of Light, a sanctuary and meeting place for the Yasodhara Ashram, a yoga retreat and study center in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia. The new temple, designed by Vancouver-based Patkau Architects and completed this summer, replaces an earlier one destroyed by fire. The […]

Warming the Temple

A year ago the Temple was an active construction site, its form an open framework of ei ght arches. This month we received the final building inspection notice marked “Completed.” Alone in the Temple this morning, I walk its perimeter pausing to view different mountain, lake and forest perspectives framed through asymmetrical windows. November’s low-lying clouds have dispersed, revealing startling white mountains and blue sky smudged with sunrise. This sudden gloom-dispelling light is like insight emerging from confusion, like manifestation […]

Temple featured on Kootenay Business TV

Kootenay Business TV created a four-minute video about the completion of the Temple of Light in their series of news “celebrating innovation and excellence in the greater Kootenay region.”

The Temple at Sundown

Beauty invokes magic and the mind becomes spellbound for a brief moment all clatter stops, to be receptive. Wafts of the indescribable fragrance of Divine wisdom fills all spaces. If only the mind could retain that stillness so the light of the sun can reflect to the moon. The sphere of light is growing larger and larger and brighter and brighter like a thousand suns. The light streaming forth leaks through the clouds of the mind creating a beautiful disk, […]

Fall Equinox Temple Update

Take a look inside the Temple of Light. Watch Swami Lalitananda describe its current state of construction.  

The Temple in Autumn

View the Temple in autumn Light. Photos by Gem Salsberg.

The Inner Temple

Work is continuing on the Temple of Light. The installation of the interior lights and acoustic baffles is nearly complete.

“Worship is not done for the benefit of a God or a guru, but simply for the spiritual aspirant to recognize his or her level of development. Worships makes a great contribution, particularly when it is allowed to grow out of the individual temperament and cultivation of all senses.”

~ Swami Radha Kundalini Yoga for the West

Photos by Gem Salsberg

The Latest Photos of the Temple of Light

The drywall and interior painting is essentially complete. Take a look inside the Temple of Light. A nearly smoke-free day allowed for some stunning vistas of the Temple of Light on Kootenay Bay between the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges.

Embracing the Sacred

A group of guests took a tour through the Temple this week after a public event at the Ashram. The entranceway is almost complete and the shape of the internal petals is now revealed. The Temple Celebration Festival continues onto the weekend.