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The Latest Photos of the Temple of Light

The drywall and interior painting is essentially complete. Take a look inside the Temple of Light. A nearly smoke-free day allowed for some stunning vistas of the Temple of Light on Kootenay Bay between the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges.

Earth Breath

A winter time-lapse of nature’s breath at the Temple of Light construction site. Featuring an excerpt from Swami Radha’s “Body Garden” guided meditation.

The Interplay of Light

A winter sunset this week portrays the Temple’s interplay with Light. Construction on the Temple of Light reached a major milestone on February 15, with the completed assembly of the 56 pre-fabricated panels, which create the “petals” or wings of the new design. Construction crews were on-hand to celebrate the milestone of the completed petals.    

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The Temple of Light started with one woman’s vision. From the time she was fourteen, Swami Radha had recurring dreams of she called “my little temple.” The scene was always the same: at the end of a long road, overlooking a bay, was a temple. It was round, with many doors and windows. It was full of Light. “Everything exists in the unseen before it manifests,” she was told by her guru, Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. Many years later, at […]