The Approach

Photographer Nick Diamond from Spearhead captured the majestic approach to the Ashram and the new Temple of Light overlooking Kootenay Lake.

The Shape of Things to Come

Construction continues on the Temple of Light as shear walls were attached to the arches. These braced panels form part of the support structure and help define the curved shape of the new design.

Temple Rises – Primary Structure Complete

We achieved a major milestone today—all eight arches of the Temple’s primary structure are now assembled. The remaining four arches were installed today under a brilliant blue sky by a team of dedicated workers from Spearhead Inc. and AHC, who are overseeing construction. The site manager invited Swami Lalitananda and others to sign the second last arch: “To Swami Radha with Love ॐ Swami Lalitananda + everyone at the Ashram”  

Temple Rising Begins

Today the first four arches were lifted and assembled to create the primary structure of the Temple! After the initial arch was secured, the metal oculus was lifted and held in place by one crane. Another crane then lifted the next three arches. The sun came out mid-afternoon, shining over the crew and spectators. The Ashram was buzzing with excitement and we look forward to the next stage of assembling all eight arches by tomorrow.

Temple Rising Monday

On Monday, November 7, assembly of the primary structure of the Temple will begin! Months of preparation have gone into creating the precise foundation for the eight arches. In the past few days, the arches and the oculus (steel compression ring for the central skylight) have been delivered to the Temple site. The pieces are now lined up and ready to be put in place. By the end of next week, the Temple structure will be defined. We are at […]

Flight of the Light: a temple journey begins

The first pieces of the Temple have arrived at the Ashram! The glulam structural beams and shear wall panels were loaded onto a truck and shipped across Kootenay Lake on the ferry. The parts were carefully unloaded to a temporary staging area where they will remain until the structure is ready be assembled in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the panels which form the petals continue to be fabricated at Spearhead and will be shipped over as they are ready.

Temple Starting to Take Shape

These photos provide a unique perspective of the emerging form of the new Temple of Light. The foundation is being laid for the annex (left) which is where the entrance is located. Work is being done to the original foundation (right) to prepare for the installation structural components in the coming weeks.

Perspectives on the Temple of Light

Luke Stern, Manager of Design Research at Patkau Architects, sheds some light on the cutting edge techniques used to design and construct the Temple of Light. He explains how unconventional design tools are informing the digital fabrication process to create this geometrically complex structure.

 Raising $1,000,000 for the Temple

Shaun Alsford and Sandra Vandenhoff from Calgary are using our new fundraising platform to raise one million dollars to support the rebuilding of Yasodhara Ashram’s Temple of Divine Light. How are they doing this? One small step at a time. “It seems ludicrous in some respects,” says Shaun, “but there’s a part of me that thinks we can do this and it will work and by keeping the suggested donation small – only three dollars – everyone can participate.” After […]

Temple Update: Spearhead Visit

Swami Lalitananda and Swami Sivananda recently visited Spearhead where the structural components of the Temple are being fabricated. Spearhead’s Geoff Watts provides an overview of the techniques used to construct the uniquely shaped petals.