Temple Update: Preparing for the New

Swami Lalitananda tours the Temple construction site, providing an overview of the recently cleared area and highlighting the foundational work that is currently underway.

Temple Update: Clearing Space for the New Temple of Light

Lots of activity has been happening at the Ashram to make way for the new Temple of Light. The annex building of the original Temple has been taken down and the ground has been cleared so that construction can begin.

Taking Down the Transitional Temple

The transitional Temple was dismantled thanks to the helping hands of many karma yogis and the guidance of Sylvan and Gita, who designed and constructed the structure. The beams and arches were loaded onto a flatbed truck which is taking the transitional Temple to its new home at Wilderness Resort & Retreat where it will be used as a special events space.

Temple Update: Entering a New Phase

Yasodhara Ashram President Swami Lalitananda has some exciting news to share about the new Temple of Light!

Goodbye Transitional Temple

On Wednesday August 17th, 2016 we held a special ceremony in the Transitional Temple to bid farewell to the structure which has served as our temporary Temple for nearly two years. Flowers and words of gratitude were offered and we were treated to several dance performances. We ended by sending lots of light to the new Temple and its construction, which begins on-site next week!

Temple Update: The Temple is Being Fabricated

Although site preparation for the new Temple has yet to begin at the Ashram, parts of the structure are currently being built off-site at Spearhead’s facility. Dan visits Spearhead to give us an update on the Temple’s fabrication and timeline.

Using Light to Power the New Temple of Light

This week we installed solar panels that will help generate energy for the new Temple! The photovoltaics (PVs) were installed on top of the roof of the wash & weigh station in the southern corner of the garden, an ideal spot given it’s location and the angle of the roof. The PVs are part of our plan to make the Temple an energy efficient building and will compensate for an estimated 50% of the annual energy consumption of the new […]

Temple Space

The Temple is Humming

It’s in the air, with experimental pieces becoming tangible! Spearhead, the locally-based but internationally-reputed fabrication company, has created two mock-ups, which we will be reviewing this week with architects, structural engineers and the construction manager. The mock-ups, each 1/7 of the overall size of one “petal,” are scale models of two of the more complex parts of the petal structure of the Temple. The mock-ups will help determine if there are corrections or efficiencies that can be made before moving […]

Temple Rising

  The Temple of Light will rise again to become the focal point within the Ashram in the coming year. Swami Premananda, our skilled builder and woodworker, reflects on its evolution. The Temple is a beacon, a Lighthouse that attracts people to the area and to the teachings. I can’t imagine the Ashram without a Temple. It gives hope to the world. This new Temple design is very inspiring and beautiful, and continues the intention of being an open, welcoming […]

Initial Team Meeting with Spearhead

On October 6th 2015, we met with the design, construction and fabrication team at Spearhead’s facilities. Spearhead’s Founder, Ted Hall, gave us a tour of their impressive world-class setup, followed by a beautiful lunch on the beach at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park.