Temple Space

The Temple is Humming

It’s in the air, with experimental pieces becoming tangible! Spearhead, the locally-based but internationally-reputed fabrication company, has created two mock-ups, which we will be reviewing this week with architects, structural engineers and the construction manager. The mock-ups, each 1/7 of the overall size of one “petal,” are scale models of two of the more complex parts of the petal structure of the Temple. The mock-ups will help determine if there are corrections or efficiencies that can be made before moving […]

Temple Rising

  The Temple of Light will rise again to become the focal point within the Ashram in the coming year. Swami Premananda, our skilled builder and woodworker, reflects on its evolution. The Temple is a beacon, a Lighthouse that attracts people to the area and to the teachings. I can’t imagine the Ashram without a Temple. It gives hope to the world. This new Temple design is very inspiring and beautiful, and continues the intention of being an open, welcoming […]

Initial Team Meeting with Spearhead

On October 6th 2015, we met with the design, construction and fabrication team at Spearhead’s facilities. Spearhead’s Founder, Ted Hall, gave us a tour of their impressive world-class setup, followed by a beautiful lunch on the beach at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park.

Temple Update: Concept for New Temple of Light

Bringing the concept for the new Temple of Light to the building site.  What will the concept look like on the site?

Temple of Light and Lineage

After the Temple fire one year ago, I felt at first a deep grief, a numbness that said, “Is this true – has it really happened?” And yet with every tragedy there is an experience of opening, a realization that there is something more behind the scenes that I just get a glimpse of… perhaps “awe” is the best word to describe it. The fire showed us our strength as a spiritual community. We reached out to each other, and […]

Temple Update: Inside and Out

At the beginning of March, the Temple design hub went on a field trip to Vancouver to meet at the offices of Patkau Architects to discuss the conceptual design of the Temple’s auxiliary outer building and surrounding land use. We looked at the practical functions of reception and service spaces. The Temple needs washrooms, storage, flower arranging and altar supply space, a coat room. But we also asked ourselves, what is important about how we approach the Temple? How does […]

Temple Update: The Lotus Rises…

For the past two months, Patkau Architects have been exploring conceptual design possibilities for the new Temple of Light. Guiding their work is the idea of luminosity. We were thrilled when they told us their intention was to “use light as the primary building material.” The image of a lotus has arisen as especially meaningful in this process. The organic elements of bud and petal, plus the symbolism of the lotus opening to the light, have led to inspiring blossom-like […]

Waiting for The Temple to Arrive…

In the eight months since the Temple fire, the Ashram has been preparing to rebuild and re-dream a new Temple of Light. Here, Swami Lalitananda responds to what it feels like to start again.

Temple Past & Future

The Ashram is now preparing for the redesign and rebuild of the Temple of Light. The planning phases for the Temple rebuild will span 2015, with hopes to have the Temple under construction and completed in 2016. In the meantime, we have the beautiful transitional temple to inspire us! In this video Swami Radhananda visits the transitional temple and talks about the Temple past and future.

Temple Design Update: The First Meeting

We recently welcomed Patricia and John Patkau of Patkau Architects at the Ashram for three days, to begin the conceptual design process for the next Temple of Light. They toured the Ashram and gathered as much information as they could ­– everything from our hopes and dreams of a sacred space to practical needs (a cleaning closet!) to topographical maps. The Patkaus’ non-linear approach and willingness to work with our unique community created a harmonious meeting of minds and hearts. […]