Satsang in the Transitional Temple

Thanksgiving satsang in the newly completed transitional Temple was filled with gratitude and Light. View the photo album.

Temple Update – Transitional temple near completion!

The Transitional Temple – Construction Continues

Construction of the transitional Temple structure continued over the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5, the arches and reinforcement beams were installed and the plastic sheet was cut into seven triangles to be used for the covering. This morning, the triangle coverings were attached to the arches, wrapping the dome structure in a translucent covering. View the photo album.

The Transitional Temple – Construction Begins!

On Friday, October 3, the materials arrived for the construction of a transitional structure to help protect the Temple foundation. This light dome is made of wood arches and will be covered with recycled greenhouse plastic. When the new Temple is built, this structure will be transformed into a greenhouse. Karma Yogis and Ashram residents of all ages came together to help unload the arches and lumber and to clean the plastic that will be used for the dome. On […]

Temple Update: Design Phase

The Temple platform is clear and we are now into the design phase! Part of this phase is building a temporary structure to protect the floor.

Temple Rap – Part II

Tanin Shunter, a karma yogi and conscious hip hop artist known as Kosmic T, was inspired to compose and perform a second rap for the Temple. He presented it on the Temple foundation on September 8, Gurudev Sivananda’s birthday – a day of gratitude and initiation.

Temple Deconstruction Time Lapse

This clip shows the Temple deconstruction compiled into time-lapse video. It is the result of shooting a photo every minute during the 7 days of deconstruction, totalling 4000 photos!

Temple Rebuild Update 11 – Deconstruction Mostly Complete

The Temple’s deconstruction is now mostly complete, with only clean-up and some details items remaining. The bare platform now once again holding the Temple’s unmanifested form. Om Namah Sivaya.

Temple Rebuild Update 10 – Walls Removed

Today, deconstruction focused on removing the walls and arch footings. Most of the Temple’s structure is now gone with only a few corner pillars remaining. The contractors will be back on Monday. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 9 – Walls And Clean-Up

Continuing the deconstruction phase, the contractors moved to removing the walls and cleaning-up.  Om Namah Sivaya