Temple Deconstruction Time Lapse

This clip shows the Temple deconstruction compiled into time-lapse video. It is the result of shooting a photo every minute during the 7 days of deconstruction, totalling 4000 photos!

Temple Rebuild Update 11 – Deconstruction Mostly Complete

The Temple’s deconstruction is now mostly complete, with only clean-up and some details items remaining. The bare platform now once again holding the Temple’s unmanifested form. Om Namah Sivaya.

Temple Rebuild Update 10 – Walls Removed

Today, deconstruction focused on removing the walls and arch footings. Most of the Temple’s structure is now gone with only a few corner pillars remaining. The contractors will be back on Monday. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 9 – Walls And Clean-Up

Continuing the deconstruction phase, the contractors moved to removing the walls and cleaning-up.  Om Namah Sivaya

Temple Rebuild Update 8 – Roof Removal Complete

Today, the contractors completed the removal of the Temple’s roof. The most challenging part of the deconstruction is now over. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 7 – Roof Sections Come Down

Today’s work consisted of removing sections of the roof. The sections were placed on the ground where they will be separated for recycling, reuse, or waste.

Temple Rebuild Update 6 – Arches Are Removed

With a full day’s work the contractors completed removing the eight external arches. One snag: the crane broke a fly-wheel on its extended arm, which might not be able to be replaced. No problem! The contractors know someone else in Creston with a crane and they might be able to help. Tomorrow, they continue with removing the roof. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 5 – Arches

The day ended with 2 arches being removed. Contractors pick-up again on Monday with the intention of finishing removing the arches.

Temple Rebuild Update 4 – Skylight

Today, contractors got a large crane ready to deconstruct the Temple from the roof down, starting with the skylight. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 3 – Door & Windows

The doors and windows have been removed and are ready to be stored. Tomorrow, the contractors start to remove the arches. Om Namah Sivaya!