Temple Rebuild Update 8 – Roof Removal Complete

Today, the contractors completed the removal of the Temple’s roof. The most challenging part of the deconstruction is now over. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 7 – Roof Sections Come Down

Today’s work consisted of removing sections of the roof. The sections were placed on the ground where they will be separated for recycling, reuse, or waste.

Temple Rebuild Update 6 – Arches Are Removed

With a full day’s work the contractors completed removing the eight external arches. One snag: the crane broke a fly-wheel on its extended arm, which might not be able to be replaced. No problem! The contractors know someone else in Creston with a crane and they might be able to help. Tomorrow, they continue with removing the roof. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 5 – Arches

The day ended with 2 arches being removed. Contractors pick-up again on Monday with the intention of finishing removing the arches.

Temple Rebuild Update 4 – Skylight

Today, contractors got a large crane ready to deconstruct the Temple from the roof down, starting with the skylight. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 3 – Door & Windows

The doors and windows have been removed and are ready to be stored. Tomorrow, the contractors start to remove the arches. Om Namah Sivaya!

Temple Rebuild Update 2 – Deconstruction Phase Begins

As the deconstruction phase begins, we will be sharing short videos to keep everyone up-to-date with what is taking place.

Impromptu Hip-Hop at the Temple

The Temple Karma Yoga crew, lead by Tannin on vocals, “dropped an impromptu rap” while preparing the Temple grounds for deconstruction. Lyrics: So were going back to the foundation, Found faith in- Side my mind now were gonna go make this, Into something beautiful, gotta let go of the old in order for the new to grow, Coming together, nothing is impossible, Even the tree was a seed then it starts to grow, Filling with love yeah we’re feelin alright, […]

CBC Daybreak – An Interview About the Temple of Divine Light

Bob Keating from CBC Daybreak interviews Swami Lalitananda and Dan Seguin regarding next steps in the rebuilding of the Temple of Divine Light. Originally aired July 22, 2014

Temple Rebuild – Video Update

The first of many video updates to come!